Friday, January 2, 2009


Okay who gave me their germs? I have a mean sinus infection that decided to go into my chest today. Now I am getting Bronchitis, that means a trip to the Doctor. I can never shake it on my own without drugs. I probably got it by talking on the phone to my daughter or granddaughter. They love to see me suffer, so I am sure they sent it over the phone lines. They are VERY lucky I don't get to live my life over again!!!!! I thought that if I went for my walk and cleaned the house it would make me feel better. Well guess what, IT MADE ME FEEL WORSE!!! I am going to sign off and go have a pity party, and I am the only one invited.


Dee said...

Okay that is just rude, if your going to have a party you will need guests, and of course they will have to be refreshments, so you will have to cook, and hey me and Briana can be the entertainment.

Sue said...

Briana's idea of entertainment is pulling down her pants and showing her flat belly or but!!!!! No thanks!!

Dee said...

That's is true, but it is entertaining and she looks good.
Just as long as she doesn't bark at people I am okay.