Monday, January 19, 2009

I hate painting

Rick did some touch up painting on Saturday. He was standing on a stool, and I told him that for such detailed work he needed to be on the ladder, so he could be at eye level with it. of course he didn't listen, because what do I know? he made a mess out of it, so today I got the ladder out and did it myself !!!!! It looks really great if I do say so myself. That old saying about if you want something done right do it yourself is totally correct.
It is cloudy in California this morning, but not cold. It is supposed to rain later in the week. I hope so because we are way behind in our rainfall. They are talking about raising water rates and rationing. That would be a disaster for Garrett, as he takes VERY LONG showers !! Maybe I will start letting him pay the water bill. Being raised on military bases he has no concept about the fact that water costs money !!!!!!! And so it goes !!!!!


Dee said...

Yep, miltary folks, don't pay for water, they do have to pay for electricity now, we got out just in time. lol.

Bri said...

I miss you. I need to call!