Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dark Place

Today I am in my dark place. usually when I get sick, on about the fourth day I go to my dark place. I don't understand why, I just do. My stomach is queasy, I feel anxious, and like I won't find my way back. I will of course, I always do. Maybe I need a hug. Fat chance of that with the guys I live with. I told Garrett that I felt so sick maybe I would just die. He said that wasn't a good idea, because then he would have to find another place to live !!!!!!!
I did some touch up work on the kitchen this morning. I can't seem to get Rick started again. He always has something else more important to do. My cloud is growing bigger so will sign off for now.


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Sounds like some people could use a swift kick in the butt. Love you gramma.