Wednesday, January 14, 2009

just a thought

In these times we are living in it is easy to be worried all the time and nervous. Lately whenever I start to go there I just say to myself, ( knock it off, you have a home, food, family, clothes, and health insurance. Be extremely grateful and just shut up. ) We need to just let God handle things, and try to live the best life possible. Everyday I say to myself, ( you are alive and breathing ) What else matters ? I am in another episode of rapid heartbeat today. I am having more then usual, probably because I have been sick. I go to the heart Doctor on the 29th, so I will let her know. I need to go ride my stationary bike as I couldn't walk today. Not because of my heartbeat but, because my knee is very sore from lifting some big flower pots yesterday. I was cutting back and cleaning up all my outside plants. One more day of outside work and everything should be done

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Dee said...

I just wanted to say I love you mom.