Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my day

It is a beautiful day in California. It is sunny and clear, but a little chilly. It is supposed to be 67 degrees. It was in the 30's when I went for my walk at 6 am.
I went grocery shopping then came home and made potato salad. We always feed the family after a funeral. Mister Black's funeral is at 12:30. I also got rolls and butter. I am not going to the grave services, just to the church service with Randy.
My grandson left his keys in the front door again last night. I was going to lock the door on my way out to walk and there the keys were. I told him some night we are going to get out throats cut if he don't stop leaving the keys in the door. He just don't get it. He thinks it is funny. I fail to see the humor in it. I usually check before I go to bed, but he got home late last night.
Finally my kitchen is done. Just a couple of little fix it things are left. It really looks nice. I was looking some pictures of how it use to look, and can't believe the difference. It is so much lighter without those dark cupboards.
I go to the heart Doctor tomorrow. They will probably tell me that I don't have one !!!!!!!

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Bri said...

how was your heart grams?