Monday, August 2, 2010

spam waffles?

I had forgotten that I used to make those. All three of you, and your dad loved spam. Some people hate it. I am sorry you had a bad migraine. Since Christina just had one, maybe there is something in the air in Hawaii.
Those pictures of Kaya napping are just precious. I think she got a bit of her Mom's temper and stubbornness huh? paybacks are a bitch!!!!! don't you think so Briana? The problem is that she takes it out on Kory.
I went for my blood test this morning. They called and said it is too thin. I have to start taking less medication on Mondays, and go for another test in two weeks. I was on my butt most of the day from fibulating. Lately when I am fibulating I get so hot and just sweat and sweat. I am going to have to go find out why. It is like when I used to have hot flashes in my fifthties. I can have the air conditioner full blast and it does not help at all.
I made lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. They probably won't eat it, but I don't care I get tired of trying to make something they will eat.
Love to all. Grams


Bri said...

tell the doctor! :)

Dee said...

It is because you are zzzzzz a hot mama. I have known it all my life.