Friday, August 13, 2010

Sis, Can I take it from your blog that you want Garrett back? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!
You will be pleased to know that today he made a dental and medical appointment. I think his teeth are getting bad.
I have a hair appointment tomorrow. I always wait until my roots are very obvious. I just hate sitting still for that long.
My walking friend just called to tell me she is home from Italy. She was gone for a month. Her Mom is doing pretty good. She is 92 and lives with my friends sister. She also has a son and another daughter living near by. I will go visit in a couple of days when she is rested up from her trip. She had a lay over in atlanta foe 3 hours, so she is exhausted.
Rick put that film on my kitchen window that keeps the heat and uv rays out. He did an okay job, but you know how particular I am. You would have been proud of me though, because I didn't let it show. Needless to say, Mister Barney has been VERY UPSET all day, because he couldn't go in his window.
okay people that is it for now, I love you all, Grams

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