Sunday, August 1, 2010

I went to church this morning. A few people were missing, probably on vacation.
Rick's job lasted 3 days. I would be surprised if it were anyone else, but for him it isn't unusual at all. My peaches and nectarines are all gone now. I have had three or four people tell me that those are the best nectarines they ever ate. I admit they are extremely good and very large.
Garrett went to his dad's Saturday, and then to his uncle John's yesterday. It was a Kaya bonding weekend. I made scrambled eggs and pancakes for dinner. I didn't eat them, but Garrett and Rick did. I have never liked pancakes. My husband could never understand how anyone could not like pancakes or waffles. They don't make sense to me, by the time you get the syrup on them they are a cold, soggy, gooey, mess.
Okay people that is all that is on my tiny little mind for now. Love you all, Grams

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Dee said...

I love pancakes, and I used to love spam waffles, I have never had them since I left home. The syrup is the best part.