Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It was 105 degrees today and is going to be 107 tomorrow. It is like walking into a blast furnace. Lucky for us there is no humidity. It is just bone dry. Yuck !!!! I finally got an appointment next Thursday for my finger. I can't straighten it. I have "trigger finger. It is the one next to my thumb, and It is extremely sore. I have already had it in both thumbs and one middle finger. They have to cut it and go in and release the tendon. It is caused by years of typing on the computer at the telephone company. In my settlement with workers compensation I got free medical care for life on my hands, so it doesn't cost me anything. Chris and Terry went to Korea to see her relative who has terminal cancer. They are going to China and Japan before coming home. That is all I have to say for this day. Love to all, Grams

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Dee said...

Doesn't that hurt ouch!!