Monday, August 16, 2010

I went for my blood test today. It was 3.0. They were happy with that. It had been a lot thinner and they were trying to get my numbers down. They don't want it any thinner then 3.0
I went to sprouts for produce on the way home. They have the sweetest cantaloupe for 49 cents apiece. I got a watermelon 4 lbs for $1.oo. Broccoli crowns were 49 cents a lb. so I got some of those too. I roasted chicken tenders and made chicken salad for sandwiches. Garrett will probably turn his nose up, but my sandwich was really good with lettuce and tomatoes from my garden. I did a big wash and then got rid of all my acumulated magazines and catalogs. I also filed all my receipts that had piled up. I have to start getting estimates for getting my house painted on the outside after they put in my doors and windows. About an hour ago my heart decided to fibulate so am finished for the day. Barney and I are just going to watch the news.
It was 100 degrees here today. HOT!!!! lOVE TO ALL GRAMS

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