Sunday, December 28, 2008

yum yum

Before I went to church today I put the ingredients for a chicken stew with boneless skinless chicken thighs on top in the slow cooker. The house smelled soooooo good when I got home. I made a pot of rice to go with it.
Garrett had to work today. He just got home and is playing games on his new 48 inch flat screen tv that he bought himself for Christmas. It takes up his whole bedroom. You walk in there and it blinds you.
I worked in the yard all day yesterday. I have been neglecting it, while working on the kitchen. I trimmed 2 peach trees, an apple tree, and a nectarine tree. I ran out of trash can space. I still have to trim the plum tree. I picked the last two avocados off the haas avocado tree. They were huge. I have quite a few avocados on my Fuerte avocado tree, but they are not ready yet.
I am now going to wrap my lips around my chicken stew and rice. Toodles !!!!!!!!


Dee said...

Nothing will ever compare to the peach and lemon tree we had when I was growing up, I can still taste the peaches, and you made the best peach cobbler, now that's yum, yum.

Bri said...

yum yum!

Bri said...

recipe please