Thursday, December 4, 2008

thanks to God

thanks to God my daughter came through her surgery okay. She is probably going home today. She is amazing, after all she has been through and still keeps her great attitude. I doubt that I could do it. I love her more then words can say. Who put the picture of that grizzly, reclusive, mountain man up and said it is my handsome grandson James? Not funny guys. What a bunch of beautiful people we are!!!!!! Well at least James used to be!!!!


Bri said...

Grandma finally updated her blog! Go Mommy!

Dee said...

She has a great attitude because her mother done taught her real good. As for Mr Grizzley, I just close my eyes it works great especially when in his room. We just called him lumberjack man....What's a mom to do.

Christina said...

I dunno whats up with James I told him he should shave.... Yeah right!!!