Monday, December 22, 2008

BIG dummy

Okay, so I did something stupid and my blog did not appear!!!!! It is not easy being my age and living in this new age of technology. I can still kick a certain granddaughter's rear end, who shall remain unnamed!! I was already upset with her that she got to see stonehenge, I have always wanted to see it.
It is raining here again and very cold. I have been out in it all day, getting my monthly blood test, going to home depot, to the pharmacy, etc.
The shipping company just called to say Garrett's new television will be delivered tomorrow. He bought himself a Christmas present. ( It must be nice )
My friend from Havasu, Az. visited me yesterday. It was really nice catching up on all the goings on in her life.


Bri said...

love you!!!

Dee said...

Okay so I don't feel so bad about my spelling Christmas, Chirstmas now. YOu win!!!!