Thursday, April 16, 2009


I went grocery shopping, then came home and put everything away. I decided that I had better go to the bank. When I got home I decided to do some touch up painting on my kitchen. I finished with the blue paint, then went out to get the white. I could not find it anywhere, and was cussing Rick under my breath wondering where he put the paint. I decided to do a little grouting above my stovetop. There is a small gap between the wall tile and the hoodfan over the stove. I taped it off and then mixed the grout. I grouted, cleaned up, and then took the tape off. Guess what? The grout all came out with the tape. I was so fustrated by this time I just quit. If I had continued, I would have messed it up with the mood I was in. Rick told me we used up all the white paint. I will have to buy a quart for touchups. I hope your day went much smoother then mine. I love you all !!!!!!!!!!

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