Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I got my car back today, finally. I am happy about getting my car back, but not happy about the price. It cost me $1123.00. Can you believe it? Before I went to pick up my car I went to pick up my TV that was in the shop. It was $125.00. To say that I am broke is putting it mildly !!!!!!
It is VERY windy here today, and soooooo cold. The wind just goes right through you. I needed to do yard work, but not in this weather. I got a letter from the adoption agency. They said that I had not provided them enough information. I guess I have hit a dead end on the search for my sister unless I want to pay a huge fee. That is all the information that I have. I would truly like to give her the opportunity to know her background if she wants to know. I am thinking about going to we tv's site and checking out the locator, but really don't want to be on tv.


Dee said...

I'll be on TV for you. Willie would too, he is the drama king.

Bri said...

you are sooo not broke. You just don't want to spend any of the money honey you got in the bank :P