Monday, April 6, 2009

Well I finally got up the nerve and called the Los Angeles County Adoptions bureau. I left my name and number. They called me back in about 15 minutes. The guy took all my information. He said it would take awhile, because of the backload of cases. He said that I would definately hear back from them in time. He asked if I wanted to contact her. I said only if she wants it. I told him that I didn't want to intrude into her life, that I just wanted her to know her heritage if she was interested before something happens to me. He said they would contact her if they find her and give her the option of contacting me, but they won't give me her information without her consent. I told him that I totally understood. I explained to him that my Mother is dead now.
I have to take my car in to the garage tomorrow. Rick hasn't been able to fix it and I need my car !!!!! I was very lazy and didn't do much today. I did walk with my friend. The earthquake in Italy is not too far from her family. She called early this morning and they are all fine. They did feel the quake though. Her mother is 91 and has a broken leg. My friend is going in May for a couple of months to relieve her sister for a while, because the Mother can't get out of bed with her leg. She is fixing to start physical theraphy. Hopefully she will be able to walk again.
Bri I am sorry that you don't feel well. Just remember it won't last forever. I love you.

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