Monday, March 30, 2009

Randy, Olga, and I went to Rose Hills ( cemetary ) on Saturday. We cleaned Joann, Julia, and Floyd's graves and put flower's on them. I miss them a lot. It was a beautiful day and very peaceful up there.
I didn't walk this morning because it was misting and I melt when wet !!!!!
I am waiting on the guy to come out and service my heating and air conditioning unit to get it ready for summer. Naturally he is about 2 hours late, so that I can't get anything done.
So, Miss Bri, when does Grams get to read the book? Soon I hope !!!!!!
I have to do yard work tomorrow and get the ground ready to plant my tomatoes. I need to trim a few things also. I took out the hedges beside the garage, so I want to put pots there with some kind of palms in them. The hedges had gotten too big and woody. They were 25 years old and deserved to be woody.
Sorry people but this is about as exciting as my life gets !!!!!!!

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Bri said...

did you tell babo hi for me? love you!