Friday, March 20, 2009

I went for a walk this morning for the first time in a week. It felt soooo good. I only went about a mile, but its a start. The Doctor gave me a shot in my knee with a very long needle. Did it hurt?
Oh yes, !!!!!!!!! It helped some, but knee is still very sore and painful. I guess there is not much they can really do. I made sure that I wore my brace on my walk, and took my cane. I am still able to get my work done, just a little slower.
Mr Barney is very hyper this morning. He is squaking and flying around. I think he needs a female. I can't imagine having two of them though, so he will have to learn to meditate, or something. hee hee !!!! Now he is attacking the ceramic bird in the kitchen window.

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Bri said...

wow, his own version of a blow up doll I guess!