Thursday, September 16, 2010

They finished my doors and windows today about 3:30pm. I was doing the walk through before paying the man and they had forgotton to shut the door that goes out to the covered patio. Barney got scared and flew out onto the back yard. I picked him up and he flew into the neighbors yard. They were not home so I ran in their back yard. I picked him up and he flew into the canal. By this time I am crying and he is crying, because he isn't used to being out. I kept talking to him. The man went and got 2 ladders. He put one on my side of the fence and one in the canal. He climbed over and held the ladder for me while I climbed over. I ran to Barney and by this time he was exhausted and came right to me. I picked him up and wrapped a rag around him so he couldn't fly away again. We climbed back over the ladder and ran into the house. I can't believe I got him back. The crows were flying all around and I was scared to death they would kill him. I was praying the whole time. Thank goodness Rick and I had just trimmed his nails and clipped his wings last week. He could only fly short distances. If he had fallen into the canal, I never would have gotten him. Naturally all the stress and excitement put me into fibulation. That is it for now, love to all, Grams

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Dee said...

I am so glad everything worked out with Barney....even though he is just a bird I know how much he means to you. Love you to pieces.