Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Oh my goodness it has been soooooo hot here the last few days. Monday was 113 in Los Angeles and 110 out here. Today was only 90 but it is so humid it feels like 110. It is supposed to slowly start getting cooler. I certainly hope so. The nights have been hot too. That is very unusual for Calif. It usually always cools off at night. It makes you feel like you are in the south somewhere.
Garrett has an appointment soon to go over his test results with his Doctor. Something in his liver is very high. I don't know what they will do to treat it. I hope it is easily taken care of.
I have to start calling people out for estimates on getting the outside of my house painted. I want it to be the color of coffee with a little cream in it, and the trim is going to be white.
That is all for now. It is too hot to think anyway. Love to all. Grams

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