Monday, July 26, 2010

Our weather is so strange for this time of the year. It is usually sizzling by this time, but it was only 80 today. I am not complaining just commenting.
I had to get a new phone today. I dropped mine and broke it. I hate getting a new one, as I am technologically challenged and it takes me forever to figure out a new one. That is why I just get cheap ones. They are easier to figure out.
Rick starts his new job tomorrow. He works 2 am until 10 am. The bad part is I will have to pay his gas until he gets paid. That will be a fortune, because his truck is a gas guzzler, and gas is over $3.00 a gallon in Calif.
Kathy never came for her peaches and nectarines so she is out of luck, because they will all be gone in a week. Garrett and Rick devoured the peach pies I made. To be perfectly honest they were terrific, and I had some myself.
I didn't go to church yesterday. My heart was fibulating and don't like being out and about when I am dizzy and short of breath. ( fibulation does that to me ) okay people I am done for now.
Love to all, Grams


Bri said...

love love love the peaches! Wish I was there!!! So does Kori!!

Dee said...

Okay what about the Jam Man...why do I have to pay for Kathy's lack of interest.