Thursday, July 22, 2010

I signed the paperwork for my new windows and doors today. They will install them in about 6 weeks. It takes that long to make them. I will get a $1500.00 tax credit on my taxes. Hopefully my house will be much quieter and energy efficent.
I have so many peaches and nectarines. They are big and so sweet and good. I am the only one that will eat them. I have given a lot away to my neighbors. I called Kathy yesterday and told her if she wants some she had better come soon , because they are all ripe. She said she will be over this weekend. She said she has been meaning to call me, but her job keeps her so busy, and its a lot hotter out where she lives. She said the heat keeps her in the house on her days off.
I was lazy today and didn't do much. I peeled and cooked some peaches and nectarines. I am making little turnovers with them tomorrow. Have a great night my loves.

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Dee said...

You should make some jam and send some to your wonderful daughter....Yum!