Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not dead yet !

I have been sick, but didn't die. I have just been going through a silent period.
It was a beautiful day here today. 72 degrees, sunny and very clear. It is pretty cold at night though. Barney is sitting here on the chair with me. He is all poofed up and sleeping. He is sooooo
funny. He loves me even when no one else does. ( of course he dosen't know any better )
I went grocery shopping today. I got a ham for Christmas. Garrett said he is making a chocolate
cheesecake to take with him on Christmas. EGADS!!! The last time he made a cheesecake it took me an hour to clean the kitchen. He is soooooo messy when he cooks.
I am all done with Christmas. Thank goodness. I am not a last minute shopper. I don't enjoy the crowds, and trying to find a parking place. I really enjoyed talking to Christina yesterday. She is a sweetheart. I love you Christina!!!!!
I will sign off for now as it is Mr Barney's bedtime. Love to all !!!!!!

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Christina said...

Love you too Grandma.