Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We are still having beautiful fall weather here in California. I am loving it!!!!!
Barney Bird is sitting here beside me preening and getting beautiful in case a beautiful female happens to fly by. He thinks one should always be ready. Anything is possible right? It hasn't happened in 17 years, but he is still hoping.
I made lasagna for dinner. It was pretty good. I made garlic bread too.
I have been riding my stationary bike 40 minutes a day. I do it 20 minutes at a time. I hope to get up to an hour a day by next week. I miss walking but am afraid to do it now. I don't want my knee to go out when I am a mile away from home. It has been much much better lately and that is a good thing.
There sure has been a lot of big earthquakes lately. Kinda scary huh?
Hang in there Sis. If I can lose 151 pounds in 16 months, you can get healthy OK? It was the hardest thing I ever did, but so worth it. I will pray for you.