Monday, October 12, 2009

I went to Kaiser this morning and got my monthly blood test and also got my flu shot. I offered to get Rick one but he refused. I also tried to get Garrett to go get one, but he also refused. I guess they would rather have the flu. It is overcast and only 60 degrees this morning. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. They are very worried that they will have lots of mud slides because of the fires. Yesterday Rick broke my sprinklers in the back yard taking out the roots to the plum tree we took out. He went out and repaired the sprinklers this morning ,but I still have to buy some grass to repair the damage from taking out the roots. I did my exersizes this morning, but still have to ride my stationary bike. Garrett complained of a sore throat all weekend. I think he is just exhausted from all the hours he works and has no immunity to anything. I hope I don't catch it!!!!!!!!! I love you all, Have a great week!!!!!!!

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Dee said...

I think he is overworked and exhausted too.