Monday, June 1, 2009

My knee has decided to kill me with pain. It has been bad for about a week. I haven't been able to go for my walks and that is a bummer. I have been doing all the things they taught me in physical therapy, but so far it is not working. If it don't get better I will have to go see the Orthopedic Doctor. I hate to go because the shots into the knee are killers.
Garrett was home sick for three days. He only came out of his room to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom. Don't feel sorry for him because he spent EVERYminute on his games. I washed all his bedding this morning to get rid of germs. I used lysol wipes on my hands constantly. I hate it when they infect me with their germs.
Today is Jackson's birthday. Happy (One Year Old ) Birthday Jack. Grandma loves you !!!!!!!!!!

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Dee said...

My poor mommy. I will say lots of prayers for you.