Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miss piggy

I got my fat butt up and went to weight watchers this morning. I have gained 10 pounds worrying about my daughter, and the trip to Hawaii. My knees are screaming for me to lose the weight. I want to try the new program anyway. The pumpkin cheesecake that I made while I was there didn't help much either.
I did the dumbest thing. I went to the airport in Hawaii to come home Tuesday night. I was supposed to leave at 9:pm. The computer would not let me check in so I asked the lady why. It seems that when I was booking my flights, I accidently hit March instead of February for my return flight. The plane for that night was full so I had to book one for Wednesday morning. It cost me 150.00 to change it !!!!!!!!! I had to hurry and call my son-in-law before he got back home to come and pick me up. The poor guy had to have me back to the airport by 5 the next morning. I would feel really bad about doing such a dumb thing, but I have been doing dumb things all my life so it is pretty normal for me. I must say everyone I know thinks it is pretty funny !!!!!!!!!!
I was going to clean my car and the garage today but my heart is fibulating and I am a tad dizzy, so I guess I will cool it for now. It is 80 degrees in California today. That is just for the people who are freezing back east. hee hee hee !!!!!!!!!
I love you all !!!!!


Dee said...

It is not freezing here in Hawaii, it is really a beautiful day. Still have a lot of wind though. We miss you mom.

Bri said...

yeah you guys can suck it!