Monday, October 4, 2010

Last week we were roasting, and today it was overcast, rainy, and cool enough for a jacket. Go figure !!!!!! In all the years I have lived in California this is the strangest weather Ive seen.
I cleaned both bathrooms from top to bottom. That should last about 10 minutes with Garrett and Rick. I made chicken soup. It was just a soup kind of day. It was very good if I do say so myself.
I stopped at one of my neighbor's houses and asked him if he was happy with the painter that had painted the outside of his house. He said he was very satisfied with the job he did. I called him for an estimate. He will be out tomorrow at 4 pm. I have to call a couple more.
I have a small brain so that is all I have on it for now. Peace and love, Grams