Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still Alive

I am still alive, just not mobile at the moment. I went on Tuesday and got an injection in my knee, but so far it hasn't worked. They said sometimes it takes up to 3 days. On Monday night before I went for the injection, my knee popped and went completely out. The pain when that happens is excruciating. I am having a lot of trouble walking. I could not even go grocery shopping today. Rick had to drive me for my shot. I did not sleep at all monday night. Last night was a little better, as I took a vicoden before I went to bed.
Rick is cleaning the carpet right now. He either needs money, or is feeling guilty about my knee. I will let you guess which one !!!!!!!!!!!
Briana I am sorry you are not getting your boy, but I am thrilled its a girl. I knew it was all along. It was such a strong feeling I had. I love you to pieces !!!!!!


Bri said...

you had a 50/50 chance and you thought Jack was a girl so you are even.

Dee said...

That is okay, I knew it was a girl too.